Philip Bremner
Birthday: April 1991
Lives: Ballymena
Club: Lakeland Cycling Club
Event Discipline: Track racing
Road racing
Training: Train in gym through winter and pre season is more on the bike. I dont have a coach but from experience I go by how I feel and and each week is different i.e. weather conditions, if I'm tired etc so I dont get sick. So training varies.
Favourite Race: I dont really have a favorite race - Ive competed in alot of races that Ive loved from the Tour ta Malta racing in Belgium, Holland, France and Luxemburg etc. But at home my favorite races would be Annaclone as its the first race of the year so it's always a buzz and everyone is really gunning for the win. Tour of the Mournes is another as I love the course and the rolling hills etc and it seems to suit me. Local races like Bann Valley Classic too I like as I use to watch them roadside and always wanted to win that one. The biggest race and most favorite for experience would have to be the FBD Ras now called the AnPost Ras. There is too many good races and to choose one would be too hard.
Best achievements: Representing Ireland development team in FBD Ras
Representing Ireland in Junior Tour of Ireland
1st Bann Valley Classic 2013
1st Ulster Road Race Championships 2008
What inspired you to start cycling? My dad and my big brother use to cycle and compete in club events. They had gave it up and one night my dad and I went to watch a club race. i was about 13 years old and I thought I could do something like that as i liked cycling and racing about the housing estate with friends. So I started to compete in club events and the odd open race a year later as a under 14. From then my dad always traveled to races with me and he inspired me to do well with all his help and my families support shouting road side etc. and when results started coming - it inspired me to win. Its been like that ever since.
Favourite food: Mince and Potatoes and Christmas Dinner. Yum Yum!
Advice to young people starting out: Never give up on something you want to fulfill in life.
Favourite Music: Listen to anything really. Mostly RnB and Rap.